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A good times guy
Monday, 07.11.2016, 20:20
oh what a night...
Pink Pedrazzi
& The Big Easy
The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been pulling songs as easily out of his oversized top hat like the magician does with his rabbits.

To be sure it all jumpstarted a few floors below in his mind, heart and soul. For example, with eleven bewitching compositions on his own 2013 «A Calico Collection», which was produced by Oli Hartung and Darren Hayne for Irascible. It’s a personal highlight and he’s finally a critic’s darling after a long and storied career. On our bayou he’s going to show with the dual support of The Big Easy which features Mike Bischof on guitar, bass and back-up vocals and Herbie Bach on drums. Add to that the voice of Heidi Happy and Pink’s virtuosity on guitars, ukulele and the Dobro and you’re on for a rousing night. He’s originally from Basel and if you’re into the CH-pop scene beginning 30, 40 years back you might have come across him in groups like The Wondergirls, The Zodiacs, The Beatnik Fly, The Moondog Show and The Voyageurs. Having spent considerable time in that vast swamp of the tirelessly-performing and happily-existing but under-recognized-artist, Pink’s clearly on the verge of catching some limelight and making a much bigger splash. 

He’s a good times guy and it all rolls through the music you’ll hear tonight. Pink Pedrazzi’s lyrics strike a contemporary chord but in his music his love and knowledge of all sounds Americana unmistakably shines through. These are sounds that are rooted deep in the traditions of the American song book, they sound like they’ve been soaked in the waters of the Mississippi and infused with the flavors of the bayou. John Hiatt and Bob Dylan send best wishes.

Get ready, The Pedratz is coming to town. «Get Out Of That Hole» is the title of one of his songs. GET OUT OF THAT HOLE, you hear?!

el Lokal