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Sizzling, hotter than hot, undiluted, potent psychdelic desert rock
Sunday, 14.12.2014, 19:19
oh what a night...
featuring Baba Sissoko + Moussa Coulibaly
The first fertile collaboration of Dirtmusic (which at the time still included Chris Brokaw) with musicians from Mali took place in 2007 at the «Festival Au Desert». And what happened then is again reaching into the now.

But first, «I spent the three days like in a trance» remembers Chris Brokaw. «The music, the people, the place – it was just overwhelming. On our first morning in Essakane we already heard music when we were getting out of bed which meant plowing straight thru the sand in a hurry to the tent across where Tamikrest was playing. Chris grabbed his Dobro, Hugo and I the guitar and we basically wound up not leaving that tent in the three days that followed.»

We can only add that when we first heard about this that there was hope here three days weren’t the end of it but rather a beginning , that other chapters simply had to follow. And they did. And one thing led to another: You might remember that memorable night in 2010 on our atoll of joy when the desert blues rockers Tamikrest blew a true sound storm into our pulsating hearts and open minds. The high had to live on and here now is the logical consequence and artistic evolution of that unforgettable night: We once again have the pride and pleasure to present the latest edition of this brand of worldclass psychedelic rock globalmusic generated and perfected by our Dirtmusic heroes Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Steve Wynn) and Hugo Race (Fatalists, True Spirits, Bad Seeds, Evan Dando, Thurston Moore). They’ll be arriving with their two very fine albums «Troubles» (2013) and «Lion City”(2014) in their suitcases and with two very fine guest musicians riding on top of them. The two are Griot Baba Sissoko (Voc, perc, n’goni) from Mali who’s already played with Rokia Traore, Ry Cooder and The Art Ensemble of Chicago. The other half of this sensational guest bill is none other than Moussa Coulibaly (voc, ballaphon, n’goni, djembe & tama), who comes from the clan of the Griots in Burkina Faso and who’s hit the circuit with Mamadou Diabate and Semstaba & Parisi, showing unbelievable promise.  

Sizzling, hotter than hot, undiluted, potent psychdelic desert rock blowing on the inside when, o baby, it’s gonna be cold on the outside.
el Lokal