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Delta-Folk, Ragtime & Rock'n'Roll
Sunday, 24.11.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Luke Winslow King (USA)
Born in 1983 in Cadillac, Michigan, he drove his car to New Orleans one day back in 2002 and kept it parked there ever since.
Luke Winslow King plays an infectious guitar, he's a fine singer, composer and lyricist and he employs the slide guitar and his love for pre-war Blues and traditional Jazz in equal measure plus injecting his personal voodoo into his creations. Thus exceedingly well equipped, he's shared the stage with luminaries like Taj Mahal, John Anderson, Robert Earl Keen, Tower of Power, Rebirth Brass Band, Chris Thile, Buckwheat Zydeco and Jack White.

We mentioned composing: In the fall of 2002 and all of 19 years old, our Cool Hand Luke presented «From California to the New York Island - the songs and stories of Woodie Guthrie» to Earthwork Music's founders, Seth Bernard and Daniel Khan. But subsequently he had to absorb what must have felt like a kick right to the privates: His car, jammed to the roof with his instruments, was jacked in Ursulines Street, leaving him to look for it all over town for the following three weeks. At first a tough and then a deep love for his new city was the outcome due to that fateful search.

Low blows dished out by life aside, Cool Hand Luke easily and elegantly mixes Delta-Folk with Classical, Ragtime and Rock'n'Roll. His third album «The Coming Tide» is all about New Orleans' varied musical traditions but it's also about his transforming the old mysteriously into the new his own way while laying down the law with acoustic bass, washboard, screeching acoustic guitar, organ, trumpet, horns and his own burgundy voice.

The masterful Luke Winslow King at el Lokal. This surely has to be the end of this Sunday, bloody Sunday.

el Lokal