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Call Out the Cavalry, Strike Up the Band!
Monday, 15.07.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Big Harp (USA)
Last time, they were like a seismic eruption that shook our island. They're still a live band that'll blow you right out of your comfort zone but this time, with «White Hat» already old hat, their even rockier second album, this years's «Chain Letters» doubly underscores that point.
«Intimate ballads, open-hearted love songs, classic Country with Indie Punk Roots» is how Rolling Stone described their sound.
And Big Harp is Stefanie Drootin Senseney (bass, vocals) formerly tied up with The Good Life, Bright Eyes, She & Him, Azure Rey and founder of the chick Rock'n'Roll camp (!) 'Omaha Girls Rock!' Husband Chris Senseney wholeheartedly agrees, we're sure, he's on guitar and vocals and was formerly with Art in Manila. A drummer further adds some life support.
Says Chris: «The band began in 2010, but the roots reach back to 2007 when Stef and I met up for the very first time. We spent time together, drank, smoked and after a few months there was a baby in the oven and our glorious tour of dives came to an abrupt end. We got married, moved from Omaha to LA and had another baby and all this in the span of all of three years. Stef did a little touring and I became a data processor. Then I quit and we recorded «White Hat.» When we packed up the kids and went on tour, our songs became more anarchistic and faster too and we didn't want to miss out on recording that. And we allowed ourselves to be as dark and loud as we pleased to be. The result was «Chain Letters.» If our first album sounded like it was about a tiny town in rural Nebraska, then this new one sounds like a place situated halfway from there, Stef's home turf, but definitely right on the road to LA. This time around and we kinda hope so, we sound more like 70's Iggy Pop than Leonard Cohen. Actually I'd like it if it all sounds as if Cohen is fronting The Pixies. But it's not happening...well, maybe a little decide. Damn, it's already 1 AM. I gotta get back to work. See ya'll.»
Thanks, yes, we promise that to you also, as sure as there's still water gurgling down the Mississihl and beer down our throats, father of Big Harp.
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