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Goodfeeling Caribbean Trash Folk
Monday, 27.05.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
G. Rag Y Los Hermanos Patchekos (DE)
They're the feel-good mothers of all musical motherships and they've been blowing full sails into the backwaters of Europe since 1999.
All under the authoritarian and wise command and navigation of their one and only captain, Captain G. Rag. Can't you just see that mother ploughing up the Mississihl?

The Numbers: 14 years, 6 albums, innumerable shows. The Glory: Film scores for «Muenchen 7» and «Meer is nich'». The Style: Caribbean Trash Folk. Key Word: Artistically eccentric, economically independent, but senseless.
The Crew: Captain G. Rag Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica. Zelig Drums, any kind of Drums. Karate Joey Contrabass, Vocals. Jose The Black Rider Guitar, Vocals, Slide, Harmonica, Accordeon. DJ Ernesto Vocals, Guitar, Percussion. Monsieur Philippe Accordeon. Die Sau Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Melodica. Glapperl Trumpet, Cornet. Stofferl Percussion. The Doc Percussion, Steeldrum. Sound NobsIE, Ollie, Tobster. Historian Hagen Keller/Tale of Years. Alumni Nicoletta D. Mixed Bag. Toni Triola Melodica and Monsieur Uebi Accordeon.

And their new disc is Pain Perdu. And yes, the pain is gone, good riddance. For sure, there's not a wisp of pain in that perfect soundtrack at all. Take that as a promise and standing invitation to sit under the palm trees of our island this summer, to take off dreaming and watch your own imaginary mothership float by.
el Lokal