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the quintessential pan-european musician
Saturday, 14.04.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Piers Faccini (UK)
Rooted in Folk music, but always refusing categorisation or any kind of musical straightjacket, he fusiones his Folk with elements of the Blues, Westafrican and Oriental sounds.
Pierce Faccini, son to anglo-italo parents who moved to France when he was five, could truly be called the quintessential pan-european musician.
And quite a stretch beyond we should emphasise, clearly audible in his four solo albums and the varied musical elite he's been associating with: Seb Martel, Bumcell, Rokia Traore, Bhusi Mhlongo, Ben Harper, Ballake Sissoko, Vincent Segal, Camille, Francesca Beard, Patrick Watson and Ibrahim Maalouf. His breakthrough came as a member of the Blues-Spoken Word-Worldmusic Combo 'Charley Marlowe', gigging around demanding London clubs up until 2001, when he left the band to continue solo.
In 2011, Paul Ouazan presented Piers as one of the 20 up- and coming talents at the Arte «Summer of Love» festival series and his show «Roots 67», for which Piers contributed his version of The Door's classic «Break on Through (To the Other Side)».
Rooted in Folk music, but always refusing categorisation or any kind of musical straightjacket, he fusioned his Folk with elements of the Blues, Westafrican and Oriental sounds, at times touring with likeminded buddies like Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. His first solo effort "Leave No Trace", was released in 2004 and at a time when he was still supporting himself with painting, he followed up in 2006 with «Tearing Sky», featuring Ben Harper's back-up vocals as well as members of Innocent Criminals. His third, «Two Grains of Sand», excelling with warmth and intimacy, was produced by Renaud Letang (Mano Chao, Feist) and clearly is the work of the quintessential free spirit. Radio France Inter hailed «Two Grains of Sand"» as the album of the year no less, sacre bleu.
All this and more led to number four, «My Wilderness», which added color and new ideas to the already rich palette of this multitalented artist. He recorded it with amis and amigos like bass player Jules Bikoko, drummer Simone Prattico and violinist Rodrigo D'Erasmo. Not to mention the participation of a longtime friend and World-music great, the cellist Vincent Segal.
It's all a very special blend of  poetic ballads and le rhythm hipnotique. His songs are like a map of the world, taking us to the rainy moors of England, the wispy sand dunes of the Sahara, dryhot Mediterranean flats and the steaming Mississippi Delta. With great ease, Piers Faccini spans the globe, but does so by never neglecting the homegrown strength and roots of his «My Wilderness».
Not to be missed live on our multikulti island, Piers will wrap his sound around you like a spider spins its web around its prey, seemingly lull you into the comfort zone of an epic folk tale but then, with a sharp gipsy trumpet flare, kicks your butt all the way to Naples. A master at using the element of surprise, he makes you dance in Bali when you thought he just made you appreciate your own backyard.  
In his nonchalant manner, he'll prove to you the world exist to be fully lived in, to be thoroughly explored, to be swooned about, to be laughed and cried about. And to be danced on top of it.
el Lokal