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a night to prowl and howl.
Monday, 26.03.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Damien Jurado (USA)
The Seattle Times called him the godfather of the hot and fertile indie folk scene
in that hub, a situation that's not exactly an unwritten sheet when it comes to
outmost creativity and forward vision in almost every musical genre, as you may
have heard.
Damien, with a little help from his producer/arranger Richard Swift, in a loose and intiuitive partnership, just christened his latest CD,"Marapoqa" (Feb.21, 2012, on the "Secretly Canadian" label). Recorded at a breakneck pace with an improvised feel by just the two, with it, he may have finally found his niche after 15 years and 10 released albums. It's a self-assured, broad in stroke, relaxed and in-stride creation.

Just hold on to your hat, grab the wolf's tail and get on this wild musical ride
with this lone lobo through the deep canyons of his untamed imagination and
hurling towards the ever present next horizon. (A little less imagination on your
part would be needed to just get the CD right at our bar, thank you).
But nothing comes from nothing, and if you listen to the kick-off song "Nothing
Is The News", a scratchy, howling desert blues that rapidly rises up to reverb
heaven, you'll hear where he's coming from. And you'll hear it on every piece:
There's a children's choir on "Life Away From The Garden", indicating a collective
conscience; "This Time Next Year" dances with a sexy bossa nova; there's a
formidable Phil Spector sound wall on "Reel To Reel" and then a wonderful falsetto by Damien on "Museum Of Flight", contrasting with a big organ rocking out elsewhere on the disc.

The man examines the spiritul and the universal and transfers it in a voice that
reminds some of the young Neil Young. His words, scetchy and dark at times,
have also brought him a lot of accolades and comparison to the great Raymond
"What we talk about when we talk about love" Carver.
(On the subject of incessant comparing: The equally greater Nabokov was once
asked what he thought his equals were, and answered "I like the view from the
Ahhh, but what would we do without all these signposts, helping us in what to
think, where to go and what to choose or how to spend our time. Never mind.  But even if you do belong to the tribe of those proverbial lone wolves, not listening or following anybody (good for you), this is definitely your night to prowl and howl.
Just grab your companion by the tail for a wondrous, starry night on our island of lost souls, to hear all, but all of the soul of  Damien Jurado.
Because if you miss him here, you'll have to travel a little further to hear him next: At the Mercury Lounge in New York City, in June (Here we go again...)
el Lokal