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Worldclass on our worldly stage
Monday, 30.01.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Chris Brokaw (USA)
Expect the unexpected: Chris Brokaw, who grew up in and around New York, has a musical pedigree that blasts your ears and shatters your goggles.
With his band Dirtmusic (with Chris Eckman & Hugo Race) plus the desert rockers Tamikrest from Mali, this terrific individualist not only brought two continents together in phenomenal fashion, but served up an evening that burnt itself into many a body and soul.
The fire keeps burning, the flame is back. The ex-drummer of Codeine, who, as you know returned to his main instrument, the Fender Jaguar (!), collected in his bag of musical goodies a long list of brilliant musicians. Not just names, but luminairies: Come (with Thalia Zedek), G.G. Allen, The Willard Grant Conspiracy, The New Year, Pullman, Consonant, The Empty House, Cooperative, Cobra Verde, Manta Ray, Rosa Chantswell, Karate, Via Tania, Steve Wynn, Evan Dando, Thalia Zedek, Alan Licht, Tara Jane O'Neil, Christina Rosenvinge, Jennifer O'Connor, Liz Phair, The Lemonheads. It's not that the list ends here but we're out of ink.
O.k., we're back up. Currently he's soloing, when he's not working with bands: fFlashlights (Doug McCombs, Elliot Dicks), The Thurston Moore Group (Thurston Moore, Samara Lubelski, Matt Heyner, Steve Shelley), The New Year (touch and go) and teaming up with Geoff Farina (ex Karate). For the movie «Road», Chris scored the soundtrack and won the title for best original score at the Brooklyn Int'l. Filmfestival. And on and on.
Some of the solo work illustrates his openness to World Music, stuff that really does deserve that mantle. As easily as a lick on his Fender Jaguar (!) guitar, he switches from rock over to lyrical Folk or Ambient. His latest solo work «Tundra» has sold out and from the album «The Boarder's Door» with Geoff Farina, he's only got a mere 500 cd's left (featuring 2 tracks together, 4 tracks Tom solo, 5 tracks Geoff solo). They'll be swallowed up like raindrops on a camel's tongue so get the cd while you can and when he's here, you hear? «I like to listen to and play different types of music and I'm assuming that's what everybody is also into», comments Brokaw on his varied work. This open attitude led to the fascinating collaboration with Austrian Dirk Dresselhaus: «In 2009, Chris Eckman was invited by the city of Vienna to put together a band for a concert featuring the music of Lou Reed and Velvet Underground. It consisted of a dozen musicians, including Dirk and me. Four days of practice and then up and in front of 10'000 people we went. Pretty crazy but lots of fun! Dirk and I understood each other from the get-go and decided to do a piece together: «Drone. Noise. Freedom Rock.»
Ok folks, it's time to open all your senses to this true musician of the world and his world of music. Worldclass on our worldly stage, is what it is. And once again right by the moonlit Mississihl, herself up there with the titans of the flowing waters of this earth. But let's respect all waters of the planet. Do good, be good. Or be gone. Just don't be a camel's ass.
el Lokal