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Sunday, 08.01.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Maria Doyle Kennedy
& Kieran Kennedy (IRE)
The TV series «Dexter», season five, hasn't reached our shores, tellies and conciousness yet. But the incomparable Maria Doyle Kennedy is about to do so again; she, who not only plays a role in that dark and twisted tale, but who can also be seen as Catherina of Aragon in «The Tudors» (girl, you're peculiar, you sho pick those roles) and Alan Parker's «The Committments.»
She'll be the first to be with us in this first and most peculiar month and grace us with her presence and music, beautifully supported by her better half, her husband Kieran and his guitar. Though feminine, «grace us» might be too benign to describe what's gonna happen, blowing straight at us from Erin, come the 8th.
Writes MC Anliker, a true fan who's not afraid to repeat himself, for good reason: «Maria Doyle Kennedy, her sound and presence, is a powerful reminder of what beauty Ireland and its contemporary music have to offer to the world. Reflecting a mix of folk, punk diva and seductive siren, hers is one of the most powerful voices reaching us from across the sea. She was a co-founder of the big-arena band «Hothouse Flower» in the 80's; and later she sang with the Dubliner «Black Velvet Band», an amalgam of rock- and gypsy sounds. Emotions - hers, yours, and anybody else's will run high and strong.»
Her last, great album «Mothers» came with a period of pregnancy of no less than four years. But then its much anticipated and celebrated birth blessed the music world with a collection of peculiar, while slightly disturbing songs, featuring virtuoso-precise writing and musicianship.
There's no word on her next cd, but if the past teaches us anything it might as well take seven years. For all we care, because it'll be worth the wait.
No wait whatsoever to see Maria live and in the flesh and bubbling blood, she and her many immaculate conceptions. No phony apparitions here, rather a show of terrific and at times slightly strange live music, brought to you by the Kennedy's.
Let the sun shine on you, come on in and see her on our Island of the Eternal Sun, no less.
And you'll sing and even scream with us «Maria, we love you in our own peculiar way».
el Lokal