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One big musical ride
Tuesday, 14.02.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Megafaun (USA)
«Megafaun»(2011) is their third album on which Bon Iver actually cannot be found. The brothers Cook and Joe Westerlund finally decided to get their butts out of the creaking rocking chairs out on their creaking porch.
They gathered, formed and flew away to invent and create all new dimensions of their sound: Earthy melodies contrast with whirling electric riffs, experimental instrumentals, Delta blues and raw, boundaries stretching lo-fi rock'n roll. Clearly, their latest entity is more blues-oriented than its predecessor, «Gather, Form and Fly». No worry though, Megafaun still are as they always were, the way we know them.
The three die-hard hippies from Wisconsin (sorry, Packers - a NY Giants fan) are still moving on with trademark consequent inconsequency. The German «Rolling Stone» declared «Real Slow» and «Second Friend» to be the best songs on the disc. The former track reminds them of the wise equanimity of the Grateful Dead: «Take your time, everyone knows, if it starts too fast, it's gonna end real slow.» Just one big musical ride it is, asking for time and patience to be explored and enjoyed, to find the intricate ways of their multilevel sound configurations. It's well worth your while to dig into their great songs; it may not make you a better person or create a better world. But then again...well, we'll leave that one up to you.
Wikipedia: In ancient Roman religion and myth, Faunus was the horned god of the forest, plains and fields; protector of farmers and herders; when he made cattle fertile, he was also called Inuus. In literature, he was equated with the Greek god Pan. Faunus revealed the future in dreams and voices to those who came to sleep in his precinct. His much celebrated birthday is February 15th. A goddess of like attributes, Fauna, or Fatua, was regarded sometimes as his wife, or his sister. (Hey, that must have made for an interesting social life.) Anyway, these interesting facts and interpretations inspire and surely allow us a couple more: Megafaun could well be the three superbrother descendants of our Roman god; Faunus' birth- and party day is the 15th of February, marked as Lupercalia Debaucheria Tremendo on the Roman calendar; Megafaun's gig with us starts on the 14th, and hotdamn, ends on the 15th!
Leave it to Megafaun and their captivating live sound to vibrate the pine of our stage till the nails fall out and your screws get loose. To kick deep into heart and soul, party bone and marrow of all you Faunas and Fauns, surely gathering for this very special night.
el Lokal