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Sunday, 11.12.2011, 20:20
oh what a night...
Crank (CH)
Their last concert took place, ironically, on The Last Island Left. Right, you say, but what are they gonna call what will go down on the 10th and 11th?
It's a re-u-ni-on, genius, and everybody's doing it.
Could it be out of nostalgia? are they admitting they miss the limelight, highlighting their antics? the seductive perfume of success? the sweet smell of youth? intoxication from their own sound? the chicks? us?
Who cares, if only they do to us what they did to us then, when they were not so sweet sixteens. But can they still crank it up like 10 years ago, like eons ago?
That's for us to promise and for you to pay for.
Rotten snotnoses they were, «pretty» they called themselves, and the fact that they were even compared to the great The Doors, didn't disturb their finely developed sense of modesty at all. (Food for thought: of all the great supergroups of the 60's and 70's, it is only the Doors who's tunes never, not even in parts, ever were suited for the selling of a product. Hey, Lizard King, your spirit lives!
Sharp, searing, explosive, short, belligerent songs were Crank's trademark and with it, they became the darlings of an ever exploding, hungry fan base.
Substantially aided by raunchy guitars, a cocky look and unmentionable stage behaviour, they were the quintessential bad boys on the scene, a nightmare to
conformity, a threat to what's predictable in life.
TV gigs came, and with it more fame and adulation. Always confessing to their heritage and the City of Zurich, Zwinglitown even hastened to honor them with some medal or something; rags like ZuriTip, Toaster and Loop got the lead out and let the ink flow, generously.
Well, yesterday's news is today's fish wrap as the saying goes, so what are they gonna do and come up with for us, come the 10th & 11th?
For that we're rolling back the tape, trying to help you figure it out, taking a nostalgia-drenched look at their discography, up-close and with a moist eye towards all you unsatiable fans and collectors out there:
     - In 1993, it was their first, «Lifedive»: punk-crossover-skateboard
     - Then,1996 «Torture King»: psychodelic-melancholic-pop
     - 1998 «We hope to meet you There»: mature-deep-adult...u-huh
     - 2000 «Crank» ?
     (This is the end - beautiful friend - this is the end - The Doors)
We now know it wasn't, and isn't. Besides, Adi Weyermann has been a solo fixture on our premises, especially on Monday's, today known as The Day of Adi.  And now that we're dropping names again, here's the band lineup:
     Adi Weyermann (vocals, guitar)
     Thomas Winkler (keyboard)
     Geza Burghardt (bass)
     Luk Weyermann (drums)
The questions you're tempted ask: Is the Peter Pan Principle alive and well in December of '11? Are we all gonna be like teenies again, if only for one night? Do they still strut their stuff? Are they still fun? Can they crank it up to heaven again? What's their hair style gonna look like? Will we feel young forever? Will I still love them the morning after? Are they broke? How can I get a ticket?
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