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Saturday, 05.12.2020, 20:20
oh what a night...
Radio GUZ presents
«Neun Extraleben»
Die Aeronauten and Radio GUZ present “Nine Extra Lives”, the groups new album that honors the life and artistic legacy of band member Olifr “Guz” Maurmann, who passed away earlier this year.

Guz was one of a kind and he will be remembered. Perhaps in the best manner possible: for his power rock sextet, up to a nonet on occasion, to play on, for the show to go on. And does it ever. The new studio album, available on vinyl and cd, is their 11 th to date and it shows this genre bending, high-flying hardcore funk-punk-garage-rockin’soul configuration and their healthy disrespect for the norms of contemporary pop once again to be at their euphoric best.  

The album gets out of the gate biting and scratching with “Dieses Anstrengende Leben / This exhausting life” and proceeds to Guz ominously intoning “Jetzt weiss ich wie’s geht / Now I know how it works” and then gets the mojo working on covers from Bernie Turner and The Armorettes’ “No More Crying / Ching Ching Wong”, “Goldfish Murder” by Billy Childish and Sexton Ming, subtly painted new with German lyrics. Among their motley bag of original ideas you can hear the influences of Baroque master Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695) and Italian genio Ennio Morricone, all of it all rolled together. In the ethereal “Gletscher sterben leise / Glaciers die quietly”, the piano is emphasized as a proxy for admonishing church bells and the last song of 13 on the disc is a shouter, perhaps leaning on Megadeath here, titled “Never Be Dead” which will cause your ears to wobble. Any which way, we’ll definitely try to follow these rocket men’s advice.  

Tonight, enjoy the take-off of Die Aeronauten’s new album “Nine Extra Lives”, highlighted by Olifr “Guz” Maurmann’s posthumous and indelible participation. It adds up to a perfect Ten.

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