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Saturday, 28.11.2020, 20:20
Admission: 25.–
Son of Buzzi
Have you ever been on acid?

Maybe not you but the USA has, judging by the current socio-political situation. Current realities aside, tonight’s guest Son of Buzzi (one guy’s name is Blind Joey Deaf), a duo based in Zurich, and their exquisite play on the 6- and 12-strings acoustic and electrical guitar will surely entice you into a kaleidoscopic, spacey expansion of inner life without the support of chemical substances. Their live show is enhanced by video clips flashing fragmented images of highway travel and other mementos, shot with a cell phone. It’s that and their bundles of sound, its spheric peaks and loaded pauses creating sonic images that inspire minds and souls to get a move on to where you might be aching to go. Experimental folk performed with near primitive hypnotic simplicity might best describe their work. 

Their current album is titled “In Naechster Naehe / In Weiter Ferne” (Up Close Far Away). It comes with a cargo of deceptively simple guitar play birthing calm sonic meditations with added FXS’s of bird cries, the chirp of crickets, train whistles, and the whirr of passing cars. And not least, part of the whole are suspenseful pauses. Additional artists in this line of work are Daniel Bachman, James Blackshaw, and Gwenifer Raymond, signed with the Thompkin Square label. There’s good reason to also add the great 

Leo Kottke, master of the 12-string primitive American guitar, and the Nordic god of 6th Ave., Moondog to the mix. More from left field, it is avant-garde composer and guru of the sound of silence, (“I’ve got nothing to say and I’m saying it”) John Cage who might have had an influence on Son of Buzzi conceptually. Anywhichwayyoulikeit folks, just get a buzz on tonight.   

El Lokal, playing since 1.8.2000. Thank you for your patronage

el Lokal