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Saturday, 31.10.2020, 20:20
Admission: 25.–
He’s a seasoned personality from Zurich’s vast cultural underground. Alas, each and every one of his greatest hits stayed there.

This guitar man isn’t crashing onto the scene like a brick through a window. He’s just simply here tonight, singing and playing his heart and guts out. Unspooling his yarn, he defies conventional musical norms and tastes and if you wonder about what the meaning of his name might be, his nome de plume relates to a pretty songbird, the common finch, a birdie that comes in many multicolored varieties, including the Zitronen Zeisig.

It’s going to be a guy-with-just-his-solitary-guitar kind of evening; some pretty dope guitar play, pushed along by nasal outbursts in English and German. With rawness, Zysyg’s renditions take flight into no-holds-barred emotions, buttressed by rock and cabaret interpretations, and introducing a songbook of his own and other’s compositions. No glossy pieces here, emotions expand and contract, a white head of hair is bobbing and the grizzly artist even ventures for a few shy duck steps. It’s music that can be sweet and tender in its Brechtian style crooning, full of ironic pathos and underscored with some good old howling of the pedal-to-the-floor wah-wah guitar. Songs that express his penetrating observations about every-day existence, critical, accusing, and even nasty in his desperation, alternatively pissed and fatalistic, not taking any prisoners. The Titanic is sinking and all we’re capable of doing is changing the deck chairs with our stupid ways. «Life is bitter, life is sweet» is the cliché but you can tell he knows the truth behind it. 

See this shy bird on his flight from the underground into the bright lights of fame and fortune. Live and at the one place in town where birds of a feather flock together.

El Lokal, playing since 1.8.2000. Thank you for your patronage.

el Lokal