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Monday, 20.09.2021, 20:20
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Les Voda
Fantastic sonic creations to stimulate the right side of your encephalon.

Lift the fog from your brain and get ready for an eventful head trip from a trio that’s based right here in Zurich and for which Bandcamp wrote: “Les Voda perform a balancing act between psychedelic rock, garage and blues. Swimming from song to song without being held back by style boundaries.” And less cerebral: “Inner city blues walks out to the woods, gets dirty, drowns in the cold river and sets fire to your log cabin.”

If you’ve ever been looking for an out of body manifestation, this band will do it for you. To transform into the desirable state, you could start the trip by getting familiar with their ominously titled EP’s G5.1, G5.2 and G5.3. EP’s which were all released in the first half of 2020 in a burst of creative energy. There are four singles as well to complete their work to date and you can stream it on Bandcamp or better, you can get it at Conceptual structures propel bold live experimentations into a cavalcade of psych rock and blues, post-punk and metal; styles through which the trio is channeling their dark energies. “Cold Water Blues” is the perfect vehicle for Suzana’s voice, “Red Dog Jungle” is an electro ballad and to get your brain to dance, the track “Shake Bones” adds a lighter touch. 

The originators of Les Voda’s neural creations are Steven Thomas on apocalyptic guitar, weathereye (yep) on drums that could level the Matterhorn and looker Suzana Rozkosny who is riding atop the trio’s relentless neural torrents with her spellbinding vocals. The band is one attack on your nerve ends and even if you’re not a headbanger, stop by tonight, you won’t regret it. It’s what the left side of your brain is telling you.

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