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Saturday, 24.10.2020, 20:20
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!! Cancelled !! Les Voda
You may have gotten a taste of them from their live stream right here at El Lokal in May. Now come and get the main course.

Bandcamp has described this Zurich based trio as «a balancing act between psychedelic rock, garage and blues». That explains their basic choice of style, metaphysically one could say while Les Voda is rooted on earth it’s where it launches its music all across the galaxies. They’re a strange and intriguing entity and what adds to their appeal is their gusto for fearless experimentation, audible especially in their live performances. Of interest perhaps is that «Voda» means «water» in several Slavic languages and as you’ll be able to hear, this band can go with magical ease from the proverbial still-waters-run-deep to a crushing tsunami. 

Go to Bandcamp if you like (god bless them) for a preview of this captivating group just to get a feel for what their live gig will have in store for you tonight. Check out their discography, this busy trio has produced four Ep’s at this point in their inevitable rise to fame and notoriety, cryptically titled G5.3, G5.2, G5.1 and there are singles to be enjoyed too. Black Lid lifts up with a Sabbath opening, Cold Water Blues is that but also embraces some elevating gospel, and Shake Bones is their rhythmic way to invite you to get physical.  

Les Voda is Stephen Thomas, his guitar and his brain; weathereye, the storm of storms is on drums (him again!), and singer Suzana Rozkosny. She’s the powerful and gorgeous earth mother who’s been endowed with an otherworldly voice that might make you believe that Nico and Lou Reed DID have a baby.  

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