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Monday, 06.12.2021, 20:20
Admission: 15.–
Trio From Hell
From Helsinki klub to el Lokal. From the frying pan into the fire.

They’re  t h e  classic bar band and after 15 years at that famous other house, they’ve now moved crosstown to ours. Every 1st Monday, they’ll be aiming to shake you out of your socks and garters and light a fire under your pants until your pants can’t take it no more. They’re into rockabilly, blues, surf, boogie, country and uncorked rock’n’roll. 

And folks, they’re basically an all-instrumental band. What they’re not is purists, guest singers have been invited to climb on stage. Some of them were great and others didn’t know any better but in one memorable night, it was Sophie Hunger who joined them. Gracious for having been a part time member of this iconic band, she dedicated her song “Sad Fisherman” and you can hear it on While you’re there, check out the lovely, speedy dance tune “Dumbo”. (Link Wray is alive and well).    

Aad Hollander leads his rocking trinity with barebone intensity and hard driven drums but doesn’t hold back on finesse exultations as well. A member of the Amsterdam punkers The Wormers at the ripe age of 15 and numerous outfits thereafter, he’s known to leave the drums and hit everything in sight, like beer mugs, bottles, sewer pipes, bar tops, nothing’s sacred. Hell, he might even do your belt buckle ‘çause you’ll be standing close enough. Bice Aeberli provides a flying carpet with her dope play on bass; she’s been a member of various groups, too many to list here. Same goes for Heinz Rohrer, half human and half Strat. He also made this deadpan comment about bands and their quest to go beyond mere survival: “A lot of bands sell beer, others sell themselves. The former means a better chance of getting hired”. There’s truth in that but great music is still the main thing here and btw, you’re not exempt from applauding. Unless you’re holding a drink.    

el Lokal