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Sunday, 19.04.2020, 20:20
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Jeb Loy Nichols
From the Wyoming river flats to the Ozark hills, the rocking stages of the world, from the big cities to the hills of Wales on to the shore of the Mississihl.

«Just keep it simple (there’s less to go wrong)» is where he hangs his 10-gallon hat. Listen to the title song of his 2019 solo release «June is short, July is long» and you get the idea. Born in Wyoming, American singer-songwriter, musician, yarn teller, and artist Jeb Loy Nichols has been all over the place before growing a second set of roots in the rolling, remote hills of Wales.

Jeb’s work reflects his transient travails prior, tribulations that left his work with indentations of Southern soul, New York hip hop, London reggae, dub and dance hall, eventually settling for a genre-crossing mix of artistry of his own making, soaked in plenty of his inimitable, quirky wit. «Keep it simple» also explains his approach to recording, apparent first with his 90’s band «The Fellow Travellers» and later working with his excellent touring band, The Westwood All Stars. In various songs he’s backed by an angelic chorus. At heart, soft soul voiced Jeb Loy Nichols is a songsmith and folk song philosopher who can easily be ranked with the likes of Ry Cooder, Van Morrison, and Merle Haggard in his quest to communicate deeply human subjects in their essence.

Summing things up he says «It’s all roots music. Three chords and a good story. Don’t overthink it. Just get in the groove and let it happen.» Take this as this fine artist’s personal invitation to park yourself at the bar, relax, pop a beer and dream about what you’re going to do in June and July. But for chrissake, keep it simple.

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