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Tuesday, 31.12.2019, 21:21
oh what a night...
Wendelbo +
Max & The McForelles
A year end feast: Two bands first heard at the visionary Lauter Festival return to The Avenue of the Shooting Stars, also known as Gessner Allee. It’s surf on our turf tonight, together with some tasty Danish.

Max & The McForelles

Dick Dale and The Del-Tones, The Looney Tunes, Link Wray, The Bel Airs, The Ventures and other titans of the rockin’ surf guitar genre have retired to the beach in the sky. Picking up the slack tonight are the high-energy, fun-loving Max & The McForelles perhaps with their signature tune Vogelsongstreetdance. At the core of this band’s work are their speedy interpretations of the rhythmic undulations of the surf and they detonate their songs with liberal use of the reverb box. Spilling songs that engulf any of the unthinking parts of your body. Tonight, wave after wave revving things up are Zurich’s own Beach Boys: Max Kaemmerling and Gill Paolini and their serpentine, tremolo guitar licks, Joscha Dutli and his syncopated drums and the guitar and voice of Julian ‘Faber’ Pollina (yes ladies, the Faber). Life’s a beach they say… Oh yeah, on the New Year: Please do yourself a favor and surf it your way.

Wendelbo (Record Release Party)

The pop-rock Wendelbo is the brainchild of brothers Nico and Leon Sorensen, Danish ex-pats now based in Zurich. They share their name with the pretty Primrose flower (Dodecatheon Wendelbo) as well as with a high-end Danish furniture company. If the latter strikes you as odd, their highly energetic, melodious pop-rock makes sure you’re not going into the New Year sitting down. Their new 10-inch vinyl EP comes out December 27th and is fittingly titled “Years & Years” and it follows their single ”Been Up”, released just a month ago. In a video (seen on facebook) the band simply introduces what they call “the four most beautiful women in Zurich”. (They’re definitely on to something here).

They want to be like an encounter in the dark. Not yet fully recognized for who they are but enticing you to know more – with an open ear and an open heart for their magnificent melodies. Songs to share, songs to enjoy by yourself. Songs performed with force, songs performed with wit. You’ll enjoy your encounter with them in the dark. Because you’ll remember it when this talented band steps into the light.

The Thethirtyfirstintothefirst, live at El Lokal. Happy New Year!

el Lokal