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Saturday, 07.12.2019, 20:20
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Acapulco Stage Divers
There’s Radiohead and Sigur Ros. And then there are the Acapulco Stage Divers.

Men want respect, women want attention, legends don’t care. The alternative-indie Zurich band Acapulco Stage Divers has seemingly been around forever. Longer than they themselves care to remember, probably. In fact, they’re closing in on their 20th anniversary since their formation in 2000 and have been a fixture on the local scene with seven albums, a multitude of live gigs including some courageous and wildly celebrated dives right here onto our stage.  

Leading the group in its current formation, some of whose members have known each other since they were kids, is Th. Hoffman on guitar and vocals and his playmates are Stefano Pedrazzi on guitar, vocals, mandolin, and synth; Ken Ebizuka on guitar, banjo, and mandolin and Mario Kummer on drums and bells. It’s that mysterious synergy and familiarity with each other that still drives the band today, their sounds an amalgam of raw and rich sonic concoctions, skillfully reduced to their rock essence, straightforward and rock-solid in the execution. Thoughtful compositions are amped up by soaring guitars, diverse string instruments and winsome vocals which are at times abruptly paused with the percussive element of rhythmic hand clapping.  

After a 5-year hiatus following the release of their second to last album with the ambiguous title «Ich bin Geschichte – I’m history» the band jumped back into the fray and to heat things up again with their current release from 2017, the numerical «23/10/00», which apparently commemorates their first courageous dive, anno then. Not shedding any tears of nostalgia, their sound remains contemporary and their lyrics, created in unison and mostly in German, convincingly illustrate the point that legends aren’t born but made.

Live at El Lokal, Acapulco Stage Divers. Take the dive with them.

el Lokal