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Monday, 25.11.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
Steve Wynn & Chris Cacavas
Steve Wynn’s «Dream Syndicate» was once named the Westcoast edition of the Velvet Underground. Quasi like the Velvet on surfboards?

Actually, his seminal band was part of the so-called Paisley Underground genre that was hugely popular in California in the ’80s. A post-punk, alt-rock, neo-psychedelic scene that included The Bangles, The Leaving Trains, Rain Parade, Monitor, Long Ryders and Green on Red (Dan Stuart). 

Singer-song writer Wynn (guitar, vocals, drums) broke up Dream Syndicate in 1989 (save for a number of reunions) to define or «un-define» himself artistically as he put it. He has since released an array of solo efforts in often surprising musical styles. The first album was «Kerosene Man», which featured an incendiary mix of artists like bassist Mark Walton from Dream Syndicate, a duet with Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde, backing bass by Fernando Saunders, drummer D.J. Bonebrake (uh-huh) of the L.A. punk band X, Howe Gelb of Giant Sands and saxman Steve Berlin from Los Lobos. He also spearheaded the notorious indie supergroup Gutterball. Then there was Baseball Project and Miracle 3, another formation was Hazel Motes, a band he debuted in 2007 and which was named after the main character in Flannery O’Connor’s novel Wise Blood.

Steve Wynn is an artist you won’t run into in the middle of the road. «Here Come The Miracles» (2001) was  his first successful solo-album and with the winds of more change in his back, Steve recorded «Live in Bremen» and «Crossing Dragon Bridge», both in 2008 and the latter in Ljubljana, albums that tantalize with ambient sounds and the use of drum programs. 2014 was a busy year and he mentions over 80 projects involving Dream Syndicate, Baseball Project and Miracle 3. His current album is «Solo! Electric Vol. 1». Maybe he’ll «un-define» himself once again tonight because «It will be me, a hollow-body Gibson, a small amplifier and a pedal or two. I’m not a folkie, I want to ROCK, my musical history is tied to dynamics, volume, and adrenaline. I might be alone on stage but I’ll be looking forward to seeing a lot of friends, both old and new».

Chris Cacavas

Indeed, tonight Steve will be joined by sideman Chris Cacavas and his main tools, the guitar, keys, and organ. LA-born, now living in Germany (in Karlsbad, near Karlsruhe) where he has a distinct cult following, he’s left his mark in the psych-rock Tucson band Green on Red with a style of play that earned him comparisons to Ray Manzarek of the Doors. He embarked on a solo career, sometimes with backing from Yard Love and Italian musicians and his current solo album is 2018’s «An Acoustic Evening With Chris Cacavas – Live in Italy». He kept sitting in with Steve Wynn and Dream Syndicate, Giant Sand, Chris Eckman, Chris Brokaw, and Pat Thomas and countless others. In fact, he can be heard on Dream Syndicate’s current album «These Times», featuring the song «Black Light». Get a taste by watching the YouTube video. 

Steve Wynn of «Dream Syndicate» with Chris Cacavas, live at El Lokal. Dream on, baby.   

el Lokal