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Monday, 04.11.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
Ned Collette
The gentle giant is back.

You first heard him here in 2015, presenting his album «Networking in Purgatory». Now released from that rather unpleasant location, he’ll present his current work, the folk-rock-experimental and grand opus «Old Chestnut» from 2018 tonight, just in time to call in the season for that tasty nut. Ned will be supported on drums and bass by the free jazzer Steve Heather and Fredrik Kinborn, respectively.

A vocalist, guitarist, and keyboard man, he now lives in Berlin but was born in Melbourne where he founded the instrumental, experimental City City City and subsequently has recorded 5 albums, solo or with his later band Wirewalker.

The current album «Old Chestnut» found wide acclaim for its improvisational intensity which was also due to a cameo by famed pianist Chris Abraham of the slow long play, ambient nu-jazz group The Necks and drummer and producing partner Joe Talia. The help was greatly appreciated but didn’t take away from the reality that this is Ned’s intensely personal work, introspective and free of any fabricated easy listening but a killer album by an artist who bares his soul and presents himself alone and so stands alone. While perhaps invoking Pink Floyd’s Roger Water years and Robert Wyatt’s Soft Machine. Dropping names, he’s toured with Joanne Newsom and performed with The Nationals, St. Vincent, Kurt Vile of The War on Drugs and Deerhoof.  

Compromises are foreign to him, he’s got this own clear vision of where he wants to go. Entirely free of the usual hooks, he composes simply beautiful soulful ballads which excel with lengthy instrumentals, featuring Ned fingerpicking his guitar, at once tender and emotional. He then astonishes the listener by leaving folk altogether behind and accelerates forward on all cylinders with an improvisational intensity that threatens to burn the house down.

Ned Collette live at El Lokal. Emotions will be running high.

el Lokal