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Monday, 14.10.2019, 20:20
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Hugo Race Fatalists
If you missed Delaney Davidson, poor you, you can have another crack at a major artist from Oceania.

Australian Hugo Race, Berliner by choice until 2011 and now living back in his home country, once confided «I don’t know how to stop making music. After a long while it’s second nature, it becomes life, the illusion of life.» Profound words from this musical renaissance man who over time excelled with vocals, guitars (lead, rhythm, bass), sequencers, samples, keyboards, congas, Moog synthesizer, Hammond organ and as producer and book author (Road Series) wherever his travels led him. He self-started his career with the Melbourne noise, no wave, jazzheavy Plays with Marionettes in ’79, engaging early on in a boundary splitting, worldly groove. It was his contribution to the great Nick Cave’s & The Bad Seeds inaugural LP «From Here To Eternity» for which he contributed co-writing, guitar and background vocals that catapulted him onto the stages of the world, still merely a teenager. Soon afterward he cut loose as the frontman of The Wreckery (1984-89, 4 albums), one of the best bands to come out of Melbourne.  From 2013, he simultaneously was a member of Dirtmusic with Chris Eckman (6 albums), Hugo Race and the True Spirit (12 albums) and Hugo Race Fatalists (2 albums). In addition, there are 6 solo albums and he appeared in formations like Sepiatone (3 albums), Transfargom Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo and Catherine Graindorge & Hugo Race, one album each.

Tonight, Hugo Race is performing with Fatalists a superb band you might have caught here under their other name, Sacri Cuori. They’ll be performing work from their current and third album «Taken By The Dream». The work represents a departure from HR’s recent excursions into electronica (Dirtmusic’s «Bur Bir Ruva» and «Gemini 4» plus «John Lee Hooker’s World Today» with Michelangelo Russo). Recorded in Sicily and featuring a dash of Ennio Morricone, the work represents a collection of modern folk songs, mysterious, even surreal and in passages as soft as the water from a natural well, brilliant as the light from where it was conceived.

Hugo Race & Fatalists, live at El Lokal. His music’s like the Mississihl, it keeps twisting and turning on its way to the sea of still unlimited potential.

el Lokal