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Sunday, 27.10.2019, 20:20
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The Great Park
Perhaps with a touch of poetic license, he calls his art «Problem Folk».

Enter and explore the strange personal world of a prolific English singer-songwriter and performer. The Great Park is the playground of Englishman singer-songwriter Stephen Burch, who spent his formative years moving around England, Ireland, and Wales. He now lives in and lets himself be inspired by Fürth. After studying painting which still nourishes his music and his imaginative videos, this quiet man and painter of songs began first experimenting with words and sounds in a secluded farmhouse surrounded by the fields of County Cork in Ireland. His tools were basic: his voice, his acoustic guitar his piano and he tinkered with all kinds of unusual sonic sources like the clanging of chains or the brushing sound of a broom to create a musical narrative which evolved into what he calls «journey songs» and which are rooted in images of pursuit and persecution. And his conclusion of what home means to him: «Home is where they bury your bones». Compositions which are in stark contrast to others that tell about his powerful need for escape. The great beyond perhaps one of the destinations?

His current collection of songs is fittingly titled «A Day» (2019). He’s a lightning-fast worker, he writes and records his songs the same day, many are one-take wonders and he doesn’t bother to slow down for edits. Stephen has written the scores for several films and songs of his have been covered by a variety of artists. He co-founded the Woodland Recordings DIY Music Label with the mission «We specialize in acoustic, experimental and home-recorded songs and sounds». On top of releasing 16 albums to date and clocking a cool 100 live gigs a year all over Europe. Stephen likes rooms with an echo, train journeys, trams and girls on bikes (not necessarily in this order).

Live tonight at El Lokal, Stephen Burch and his The Great Park. Actually, you’ll find him to be a problem solver.    

el Lokal