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Monday, 07.10.2019, 20:20
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Delaney Davidson
He’s a jack of many trades. And master on the guitar.

With lilting, raw guitar play supported by his sonorous voice and the appearance of a disheveled elegance, Delaney’s cutting it chiefly as a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. Originally from New Zealand (a mighty cheers to their Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern) he’s also known for his outsized footprints in genres like music production, graphics and the visual arts, film and theatre. Due to his rich experience, he’s been a nourishing source of nourishment for talented young artists like Tami Neilson, Marlon Williams, Nadia Reid, and Aldus Harding and with customary verve, he has been swinging back and forth between Europe and New Zealand. Solo or with others, Delaney’s been on tour all over the globe practically without pause since the birth of his artistic life, bringing his art to the ears and minds of all those folks smart enough to listen. In these our parts, he’s well known for his work with the Dead Brothers for the Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm Records Family. Stateside, he’s been making headway with his Ghost Orchestra, touring with Hollygolightly and partnering up with Reverend Beatman.

It’s easy to hear the impact of country, noise, and rock in his musical deposits but it’s clear that in his soul of souls, he’s firmly anchored in the blues, in the way Hank Williams was as well. Just the same, he hasn’t shied away from making orchestration work for him. Wordwise, Delaney Davidson is the quintessential barstool philosopher shedding light on the trials and tribulations life has decided to dump on us.

His latest album is this year’s “Word Gets Around” for which he’s fused his instrumental talents with the guitar and voice of Barry Saunders. About the two, Radio 13 wrote: «Two shabby suits, ties loose, shirt hanging out, been up all night, looking sheepish and sinister, on the inside cover looking a bit … busted. Men who are up to no good, swag men, con men… artists.”»

Live at El Lokal, Delaney Davidson. Bedraggled master of his art.

el Lokal