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Wednesday, 31.07.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
G. Rag y los
Hermanos Patchekos
If you’ve experienced this troupe here before you know what’s up. If not, it’s time to lose your virginity.

Their style’s a headscratcher but you’re not far off recognizing sad slow blues, up-tempo polkas, Caribbean  ska supported by a howling steel drum, a little dramatic Bavarian ooomphaa, plenty of Balkan swing and klezmer, some storytelling a la Tom Waits mixed in with weepy mariachi trumpet interludes perhaps energized by shots of mezcal. All of it presented with a great love for lusty musical mayhem. Oh, and the vocals sound like they’re squeezed through the rusty bullhorn of a tugboat. The motley crew’s been sailing the seven seas with skipper G. Rag in command since 1999, ably navigating his vessel through often stormy and uncharted waters. Their first album was «Tijuana» and there were others like «Lucky Goddamn» (2007), «Munich 7» and «Munich 7 vol. II» (soundtracks, 2006 and 2007), «Goddamn» (2007) and «Pain Perdu» (2012) and the long-awaited «Munich 7, vol. III». Followed by the conception and penning of the memorable «Whacky Tobacky», years in the making and now finally released by The Brothers for the one simple reason - to blow smoke in your face.

There are few bands on the planet where some of the band members’ nicknames speak volumes about the band itself. Their current line-up:

1   Andreas Staebner alias Stuebner aka G.Rag  - vocals, guitar, harmonica
2   Mikel Jack aka Mr. Zelig - drums
3   Wastl Bischoff aka Saufenfucker - double bass
4   Jörg Wizigmann aka Jose aka The Black Rider - guitar, vocals, harmonica
5   Daniel «Ernie» Kappla aka DJ Ernesto - vocals, guitar
6   Alois Schmelz aka The Sau - trumpet
7   Mathias Thar aka Hias Eichberg aka Hoss - trumpet
8   Thomas Kretschmer aka ToMTrOEtE - trumpet
9   Philipp Gross aka il grande phippo - accordion
10 Christoph «Stoffel» Novosad aka Senor de la Novosad - percussion
11 Sascha Schwegeler aka El Doctore - percussion, steel drum

Bottom line is, these guys kick ass. 
Some members could also be enjoyed playing in other bands like Analstahl (Analsteel, we kid you not).

Live at El Lokal, Los Hermanos Patchekos. Muy divertido.
It’s also as good a time as any to remember that we opened to you some 19 years ago. 

el Lokal