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Saturday, 29.06.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
Somos Guerreras – Rebeca Lane & Audry Funk & Nakury
Their voices and appearances are captivating to the point they might make you deaf and blind to the subjects they’re rapping about.

Somos Guerreras (We Are Fighters) is the project of three female rappers, multi-talented artists and educators from Central America and the brainchild of Rebeca Lane from Guatemala, Audry Funk from Mexico/Bronx NY and Nakury from Costa Rica. In 2018, Rolling Stone called them «one of the more powerful and positive artistic projects for Mexican women, made in English». The youth at home and elsewhere is another target and las tres get their message across via a lethal mix of hip-hop and experimental rap, adding r&b and soul to the mix. Delivered with an in-your-face stage presence, rhythmic explosions and a copious quantity of brain power. Their fiery passion is directed towards eradicating gender violence not only in the societies of their respective countries and beyond, but in the male-dominated, often misogynist music biz environment itself. Club owners, don’t eff wit de sistahs…. 

Rebeca Lane (Eunice Vargas Tamayac, Guatemala), poet, rapper, activist, sociologist and hip-hop educator has put the heat on here on our stage before, plus selling out in Berlin, Koeln, Paris, Copenhagen, and Barcelona. She’s been a feminist activist in her home country because of her aunt who was abducted during the Guatemalan civil war, never to return, joining the thousands of Desaparecidos. Even today the violence continues, statistically, two women are murdered there every day for the usual and other reasons. «I don’t think music has the power to change the world. But I do believe it has the power to create a consciousness about what you are, what you’re worried about – and this is helping people to organize and make changes.»

Audry Funk (Puebla, Mexico; Bronx NY) studied philosophy in Mexico where she’s big already and rapidly getting bigger in the U.S. as well. Stylistically she’s also got the range to venture into r&b and soul. Even the venerable NZZ is feeling the heat: «Similar to Rebeca Lane she’s got a voice that rises above just rapping. Predominantly, she wants to get her message across of ‘We must push forward our rights as women.’ For that she sings, for that she argues.»

Nakury (Costa Rica) doesn’t want to be recognized as «just a rapper» because she’s also an mc, activist, cultural manager and documentary filmmaker (directing the doc «Somos Guerreras» in 2014) and organizes hip-hop festivals. She kicked off her career with graffiti and breakdance but was fascinated more and more by the power of rhymes. At present she’s swiftly advancing to the pinnacle of rapper stardom in both Central America and the U.S.

Live at El Lokal «Somos Guerreras». With this trio, the personal is universal. 
el Lokal