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Monday, 17.06.2019, 20:00
oh what a night...
Jake La Botz
Chicago bluesman Jake La Botz has had quite a checkered past. Figure he’s got a few stories to tell.

A college drop-out, dipsy-doodling in and out of drugs, punk, researcher of mixology on many a barstool, factory worker, roofer, and in between, ne’er do well vagabond. But joined at the hip to his guitar, the two traveling all over the U.S., from Chicago southbound to the Delta where pitstops in the juke joints and blues bars of New Orleans were the norm. Picking up the smell and feel at the source, subsequently getting his life straight and back on track. Playing, perfecting and playing it again, picking up pointers from his soul brother, Chicago blues veteran David «Honeboy» Edwards, (who had jammed with Robert Johnson) and “Homesick” James, (cousin of Elmore), master of the slide guitar. Shaping things up further was getting acquainted with gospel, country and classic rock.

There were several albums, including the much acclaimed «Sunnyside» from 2017 and a brand-new album’s been announced and is due out this year. The whoa! list of artists he’s been on tour with includes  Ray Charles, Etta James, Mavis Staple, JD McPherson, Dr. John, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Taj Mahal, The Blasters et al. Writing original compositions for film and tv, he caught the eye of Tinseltown and cashed in on his nasty good looks by landing acting gigs in Steve Buscemi’s «Animal Factory» and «Lonesome Jim», Stallone’s «Rambo», Walter La Salle’ s «On the Road» and most recently in the outstanding tv series «True Detective», where he played country icon, Conway Twitty.

Live at El Lokal, guitar man Jake La Botz. The quintessential bluesman and his tale to tell. About a life no Hollywood hack could’ve scripted any better.

Jake La Botz Classics:
«To be human is to be creative, to explore who we are. Seeing stories all around us unfolding, expressing that. I want to be open to the source.»
«My mother says there’s a devil in my throat. My mother says there’s a demon in my guitar». 
(From his 2015 song «There’s a devil in my throat»).

el Lokal