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Saturday, 15.06.2019, 20:20
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The Munich Japanese band that’s happily exceeding the limitations of good taste. Arigato.

They’re Bluesers at heart in the vein of The Bluesbrothers, Howling Wolf, Captain Beefheart, and pub rocker Ian Drury or whoever your own ears might remind you of. A Japanese-Bavarian-Swiss-Croatian coalition by their individual passports, this polyglot octet is led by Japanese individuals with their own take on all kinds of familiar styles - and how best to shred them into oblivion. Not excepting Japanese folksongs, moody blues, and shmaltzy karaoke ditties. Arigato.

They met at the Munich Academy of the Arts, immediately recognized their own limitless potential for taking off together on the road to fame and they now warble in German («Ich liebe dich – nicht») and Japanese.  One musician sometimes performs in a sumo wrestler’s outfit and there’s a reference to tangy bukkake in one of their unforgettable vids, we kid you not. Arigato. When asked what their message might possibly be, they answered: «There isn’t any message, because nobody would understand it anyway». Well observed, arigato. Nevertheless, their whacky material is performed with fine skill, topped off with even more intensity. Fueled by sake perhaps, the Sasebo band has an affinity for confrontational in-your-face raunchy songs, destructive behavior and the gang excels with a naughty boys’ joy in the pain of others. In other words, these guys are funny - but hopelessly sick. Arigato.

The founder of this Munich-Japanese-Anarcho-Sicko-Freestyle-Blues combo is the all-around musician, cook and bon vivant Toshio Kusaba (sentimental vocals & passionate laments) and the other culprits are Carl Tokujiro Mirwald (vocals & Jap percussion), Tinka Kuhlmann (accordion & vocals), Yutaka Minegishi (guitar), Ivi Vukelic (Guitar), Dirk Eisel (drums), David Bielander (clarinet, piccolo & sax) and Andreas Koll (tuba). They’ll make you laugh, cry and beg for more – on your knees. Sankyu Sasebo.

Sasebo, live at El Lokal. They belong to Munich like Godzilla belongs to Tokyo.

el Lokal