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Monday, 27.05.2019, 20:r20
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Berthold Seliger — Reading
The author will speak in excerpts from his new book «Vom Empiriengeschäft» about certain realities in the concert business. From the vantage point of an artist agent and tour promotor.

In his new book, Berthold Seliger highlights how big entertainment corporations destroy cultural diversity through their re-structuring of the markets; the machinations for profit through the control of the music industry on the back of the little guy; about dubious tricks in ticketing and other shady practices. And Berthold doesn’t shy away from suggesting solutions: How legislation could be the solution to breaking up the corporate monopolies that are jeopardizing artistic diversity; how small, independent cultural venues could survive today; how the streaming of music actually functions and many other topics. And he talks about the social situation of musicians like health insurance for artists and related professionals and he proposes solutions like guaranteed minimal pay.

It’s his heartfelt plea for the interests and rights of the artists, club owners and music fans in the face of gigantism. To him, it’s only when there’s a collective fight back against the «Empiriengeschäft» in the entertainment business that cultural diversity can be maintained in today’s climate. He knows it all from personal experience, he’s an insider with an outsider point-of-view. He’s David vs Goliath. Good luck and way to go, Berthold.

Berthold Seliger has been a European agent and German tour promoter for over 30 years. He also writes books about the music business (Das Geschaeft mit der Musik, 2013, 7th edition; Der Klassikkampf, 2017, 2nd edition and Vom Empiriengeschaeft, 2019), and his essays on cultural, musical and political issues are regularly published in papers and magazines in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He also gives lectures on these topics from Berlin to Beijing (

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