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Monday, 13.05.2019, 20:20
Admission: 30.–
Drüdieter – CD Release
A galvanizing and uplifting fusion of Swiss Folk with all kinds of foreign flavors. Handmade here and brought to you by the exuberant 3D.

The 3D in question are D-ieter Ringli, D-ieter Sulzer and D-ide Marfurt, the recently formed power trio for contemporary Swiss folk music. Equipped with sensational musical skills, the 3D’s fuse styles as diverse as hillbilly, rock and folk-like influences with traditional Swiss song writing and the trio melts covers, their own witty lyrics with tunes of Swiss folk dance into their own tasty musical fondue. Fresh and free of the false pathos and rosy kitsch sometimes associated with the genre.

The grass often seems greener on the other side of the fence and the three band members went through their own trials and tribulations, some far away from home. For instance, through lengthy stays in Ireland and India, only to return home with a Rucksack full of creative ideas. Eventually reaching a musical mastery that created the freedom for all-out experimentation, clearly audible in the way they use their tools. And what tools they are. Not just instruments you’re familiar with as mainstays in most bands, but it’s their fluid integration of traditional and off-beat instruments one has to hear to believe. Take the Halszither, a nine steel-stringed instrument indigenous to Switzerland; the Truempi, a «drum» inserted and played inside the mouth, sometimes also called a Jews harp; the Drehleiher, also known as hurdy-gurdy and which produces its sound from the hand cranking of a wheel, effectively functioning like a violin bow. Or the Bodhran, an Irish frame drum, similar to the tambourine, fashioned from goatskin but open on the side where the hand is placed. You can tell, you’re in for an evening far from the madding mainstream of Swiss folk. All in a juicy blend of global with local, call it glocal if you like.

Druedieter live at El Lokal. The 3D’s who brighten mind and vision, no glasses necessary.

el Lokal