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Sunday, 31.03.2019, 20:20
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Vera Kaa
You’ve got to love the mountains that produce wild streams and women like her.

Singer-songwriter Vera Kaa has a family history and close relatives in the alpine valley and village of Muotathal which not long ago was a godforsaken place enlivened by a nearly untamable stream of the same name. And some pretty sturdy folks who created a rich musical history in Swiss Folk. «As a little girl, Grandma had me on her knees and introduced me to this music played at home.» Vera became a singer herself, but dropped traditional ways in favor of heading downstream, searching out the seductive new and engaging in an adventurous career. Headstrong and pretty, she was first a singer in a punk band with leanings towards Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde, and Blondie, featuring songs often performed in funky German. After two albums came the solo discs «Das macht dich frisch – It’s what keeps you fresh» and «Zeit der Wölfe – Time of the Wolves». In 1985, it was curtains for the band but Vera continued to explore her art true to her lifelong mantra: «If I don’t try something new, I’d die». That mindset led her to incursions into the theater, musicals, Brecht and belting out lusty sailor songs. Voices that left an impression on her were those of Edith Piaf, Zarah Leander, Marlene Dietrich and Billy Holiday and their influences could be heard on subsequent albums like «Von Brecht bis Blues» and «Quietly Blue».

She’s a seasoned performer now but still with that indomitable alpine spirit in her. «I’ve become freer by not compromising. Music can’t have any borders.» She’s currently touring and performing her current album «Laengi Zyt – (It’s been a) Long Time» but her ties to her ancestry and the music her folks created remain strong. The album’s an homage to her great-great-uncle she fondly remembers who was «ein Querer» (rebellious, going against the grain). Judging by the laws of genetics, the good great-uncle wasn’t the only one in the family.  

Live at El Lokal, Vera Kaa. Brains and beauty and a voice seasoned by her love for her art and life itself.

el Lokal