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Saturday, 23.03.2019, 20:20
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Die Aeronauten
They’re an irreverent, highflying Swiss hardcore funk-garagerock-punksoul band, safely grounded in the subcultural.

It’s been a quarter century since the tight sextet’s take-off and if you prefer that sensational images do the talking, check out the docu-drama Aeronauten 16:9, a richly informative rundown with plenty of interviews and words from fans of the band and memories of sold-out gigs, at least that ones that were. The timely document about their often comical travails on the periphery of show biz is available on a USB stick, just go to

The rocket men are Motte on trumpet, trombone, vocals, guitar; Olifr M. Guz vocals, guitar, bass, harmonium, organ; Lukas Langenegger on guitar; Roger Greipl sax, clarinet, organ, vocals; Dany on drums and vocals and Marc Zimmermann on bass (can you feel the power?).  Euphoric, combustible songs in German, English, and French written in short, danceable pieces with a healthy disrespect for the norms of contemporary pop is their thing. Performed tirelessly all over Europe in «culture factories» and other prestigious locales. They used to dress in black pants, white shirt, and red jackets because «we cut a fine figure especially when playing in dumps» says Olifr. Their hardcore fans, all 20 million of them, adore Die Aeronauten. The title for their current album is «Heinz» (vinyl, LP, album) and they stress it’s a «literary discodisc». Song titles like «Jeder Ist Eine Insel  - Everbody Is An Island», «Hey Fettsack - Hey Fat Sack» and «Mittelland - Central (Switzer)Land» are crackers.

Outsider status defined by a never-ending struggle for wide recognition is what fires up their soul and makes their hearts sing. But «2019 will be the year of the great big breakthrough», they’ve proclaimed with certainty. Definitely, what with their explosive tracks and gallows humor that never fails to wobble the Pharisees here on Planet Earth.

The quintessential rocket men, Die Aeronauten live at El Lokal. Great food and a bar infused with fine rocket fuel.

el Lokal