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Saturday, 02.03.2019, 20:20
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The renowned Barceloni singer-songwriter and guitarist Jairo Zavala, solo or with his band Depedro, is sending some personal messages to your mental and emotional in-box.

In the title song «Un hombre bueno» from the earlier album «La incredible historia de un hombre bueno», rebellious Jairo laments the fate of Every Man (or the Nowhere Man, as he was immortalized by The Beatles), getting fucked by the system and to be real, by his own acceptance of it and his own take on life. Until a hilarious katharsis hits with its foregone conclusion of purification and renewal. «Esta es francamente un gran, buena mensaje. No puedo ser un hombre «bueno» para el sistema… (Frankly, it’s a great message, you can’t be a «good» man living inside the system…) writes an observant viewer. But rest assured, it’s not all doom and gloom, a sense of humor prevails. Find this song also on his brand-new latest «Todo va a salir bien» (All will go fine) featuring the single «Nubes de papel» (Clouds of paper). Featuring 15 songs in all that are true Depedro in manner and mode.   

The music of Depedro has another message and it’s to grab you right by los cojones o la chucha, just as he did in 2017 with his performance here at El Lokal. He’s always written his own music whether going solo, with his own bands or in his collaborations. In style, his sound is a fluid mezclada of the rhythms of Latin rock, Spanish Flamenco, Afrobeat, contemporary folk and ambient electronica. Instrumentally highlighting an ambitious mix of the acoustic with the electric, on some tracks supported by rousing strings. Los famosos with whom he’s crossed paths and worked with are Joey Burns of Calexico; Tony Allen, drummer of Fela Kuti; Orkesta Mendoza; Spanish rock icon Ernesto Bunbery, Bernard Fanning of Powderfinger; Amparo Sanchez a.o.

Jairo was inspired in his work by extensive travels through Mexico, West Africa, and the American Desert. The spirit of life with its truth and optimism has found a voice in Jairo Zavala and Depedro.   

Live at El Lokal, Depedro. Are you an Every Man or -Woman or is there still rebellion left in you?!

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