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Saturday, 23.02.2019, 20:20
oh what a night...
Denver Broncos UK
With 17 different variations to date, The Auto Club has instigated more fruitful side projects than any other band on the planet.

One of them, showcasing two original members of SCAC, is DBUK, short for Denver Broncos UK. This alt-folk band is from the Mile-High City of Denver, Colorado, a beautifully situated town with a nickname that’s taken on a new meaning since the State’s legalization of marijuana. An easy guess is that the name of the band celebrates that city’s football team, the Denver Broncos who’s dim GM but great former quarterback John Elway can probably soon be hired as a roadie.

Highlighting their wacky choice in some of their instruments, the decade in the making Denver Broncos UK are Slim Cessna (washtub drum, percussion, singing and mumbling), Munly Munly (vocals, acoustic guitar), Lord Dwight Pentacost (vocals, melodica, autoharp, banjo, bowed banjo, percussion) and Rebecca Vera (falsetto vocals, cello, keyboard, percussion). Their first cd/album was titled «Songs One Through Eight». Their doubly ambitious current cd/album from 2019 is the melodically high-octane «Songs Nine Through Sixteen» and it’ll wash over you in 40 minutes of trippy tunes, subdued and sweet and honest with songs that are in contrast to the driving rock of their mothership SCAC, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. It’s a uniquely personal style, it’s all theirs and it allows more of a focus on the gifted Munly Munly’s vocals and the lyrics storytelling quality, the kind of storytelling that’s presented with an American heartland literature influx of humor. Add strings and the way they handle their percussion and things can get really intoxicating. It’s that and then some because they also got a knack for propulsive improvisation. You’ve got to be there to know what happens when it magically flies off the handle.

The band appeared on Jack White’s 2013 «Rockin’ Legends» tribute album alongside Wanda Jackson, Shooter Jennings, Robert Gorden, Los Straightjackets, Gary U.S. Bonds a.o. and was recently named Best Denver American Artist by Westworld Weekly.

Denver Broncos UK, live at El Lokal. What a touchdown right there on our stage. 

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