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Monday, 11.02.2019, 20:20
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Seamus Fogarty
Curiosity, they say, killed the cat. For this Irish alt-folk and electronica alchemist it feeds his art.

Seamus’s the odd duck that never bothered to learn how to fly in formation. It’s his irreverent treatment of conventional songwriting and music making that point to new horizons, filled to the rim in a treasure trove of noises, sounds and stories siphoned directly from life in a way that only he could hear and feel. Distorted electronic tracks that cling and clang and clang and cling and rattle and buzz with vocal shenanigans that barely stay this side of warbling. Interspersed with faux-sentimental vocal takes, sometimes supported by weepy strings. He’s the proverbial little boy in a world full of wonders and it’s the curiosity of a young person which leads him to turn every next corner in his sight, winding up with another peculiar story to tell.

This tinkerer’s debut album was «Goddamn You Mountain» which put him on the map drawn up exclusively for fine new talent and it set the alarm for what’s to come. Sure enough, his current and second album is «Curious Hand». It’s a fascinating and highly curious work that’ll take you safely out of your comfort zone, way out. The opening song «Short Ballad For A Long Man» is a tall tale about a 250-year-old Irish giant, exhibited in a London museum or more likely at Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, «Van Gogh’s Ear» apparently isn’t just about the most famous ear ever because in the video there are also characters with Pinocchio noses with implications that make Seamus want to stay in bed. Another track, «St. John’s Square» shows him back in form with electronic distortions and mischievous, inverted samples which enrich his art with bizarre experimentation. Anything about true love, Seamus? Well yes, in the track «Number 1» he offers «Finding a good woman is like writing a good song / First it sounds amazing but soon there’s something wrong…»

Seamus Fogarty, live at El Lokal. Stay curious and don’t keep your hands to yourself.

el Lokal