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Monday, 17.12.2018, 20:20
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Th. Hoffmann
ma - ve - rick = an independent, non-conformist, free spirited, eccentric and iconoclastic individual.

And if that special breed is an artist, he or she values creative freedom and traveling off the beaten path over anything. Indie-rock singer-songwriter, poet and guitarist Th. Hoffmann definitely fits the bill. A fixture on the indie scene for some time, big recognition and equal record sales have eluded him to date. This may not be the case in times to come so catch this diamond in the rough where he performs at his best – on the small stage with a worldly flavor.

In his other life Th. Hoffmann is the leader of the notorious Acapulco Stage Divers band. But tonight’s mainly about his new solo album “Alphabet der Nacht” (Alphabet of the Night), a musical journey captured on vinyl about his phantasies and his realities from A to Zurich. A former stonemason he built the album song by song or brick by brick if you will. For you anglophiles and to be sure, he’s a Mundart performer, he sings in German and Swiss dialect. Prick up your ears because if you can follow his ideas this off-beat poet will introduce you to his eccentric vision and view about our everyday world. The song titles talk straight and follow the truism of less is more, like 1. A/M/A  - 2. Sonnenschein - 3. KK - 4. Geist  - 5. P+P - 6. Th. Hoffmann Blues - 7. NY.

His previous albums were his debut “Geboren 1980”, the all Mundart “Uranus” on which he played all instruments himself and that was followed by his 3rd strike, “Le Travelling begins”. Itching to keep on moving on he persisted with the current “Alphabet der Nacht” which also features the musicianship of Mario Kummer on drums, percussion, Sascha Joesler on bass and Ken Ebizuka on guitar and mandolin.  

Th. Hoffmann, live at El Lokal. There are still some mavericks to be found among the sheep. 

el Lokal