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Monday, 05.11.2018, 20:20
oh what a night...
Chris Eckman, Hugo Race and Murat Ertel. Here’s the dirt on them.

CHRIS ECKMAN (vocals, guitars, loops, kalimba). Together with Carla Torgerson, he founded the seminal folk-rock band The Walkabouts in Seattle in 1984. Their collaboration stayed intact in the duo Chris & Carla beyond the band’s big commercial success, especially in Europe. Chris went further afield, contributing as a producer on all albums of the Norwegian alternative country band Midnight Choir. He continues to work with their songwriter, Al DeLoner. Three of his solo albums are still available, «A Janela» (2000, by mail order only), «Black Field» (2004) and the score for «Novi Svet», a Slovenian tv film. Chris formed Dirtmusic with Hugo Race and Chris Brokaw (ex Codeine) in 2007 and he’s also a co-founder of Glitterbeat Records. 

HUGO RACE (vocals, guitars, bass, loops, programming). Australian Hugo Race was a member of Nick Cave and The Black Seeds (1983-85) and The Wreckery (1984-89). In 1999 he set up his own production company which focused on several Italian artists. But his penchant for simultaneous involvement in different bands continued with Hugo Race and the True Spirit (12 albums), Hugo Race Fatalists and now Dirtmusic. Longtime aficionados of African music, especially Eckman, the trio participated in the Desert Festival in Timbuktu in 2008 through a bolt of fate. The event was recorded as the live album «In the Desert» and it followed their self-titled debut in 2007. The recording represented quite a switch indirection and not just in scenery and led to involvements with the young Mali Touareg blues-rockers of Tamikrest. Their different styles were a dreamlike perfect fit, the jam continued. Three albums were eventually recorded, some with the vocals of Fadimata Walet Oumar and Tamikrest leader Ousmane a.o. «BKO» (2010) is one of them, it represents the symbol for the Bamako airport.

MURAT ERTEL (vocals, electric saz, divan saz, baglama rhythm machine). He’s referred to as a Turkish-psych-visionary and he’s a founding member of the Istanbul bands Zen and Baba Zula who’s claim to fame in the form of popular success was their score for the movie Crossing the Bridge – The Sound of Istanbul. Shamanic and ritual-like in his performance, he cuts a striking figure, now including an Attila The Hun mop. The sounds he creates are a freewheeling mix of Western rock and traditional Oriental music and have made him the unrivaled master of 21st century Turkish psychedelic music. However, his lyrics generally carry a punch; the double album XX was produced outside of Turkey because it ran afoul of double-faced Erdogan’s capacity for what’s acceptable.

Chris and Hugo’s collaboration with newcomer Murat led to Dirtmusic’s brand-new and sixth album «Bu Bir Ruya» (This Is A Dream), avail. on Glitterbeat Records, cd & vinyl, recorded in Istanbul. «It navigates hypnotic rhythms, cinematic atmospheres, and dark political realities.» (Glitterbeat). Swirling, narcotic and otherworldly, it’s an agitating work for the inquiring mind but can also easily lead to restless leg syndrome. Calling this new group a super trio wouldn’t be far off the mark. In fact, it could be Dirtmusic’s most thrilling formation to date. Moreover,  Murat adds: «We need music like this to stay sane.»

The new Dirtmusic with «Bu Bir Ruya», live at El Lokal. Stay sane and get dreaming. 

el Lokal