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Celebrate 10 years Lauter Festival
Sunday, 06.05.2018, 19:19
oh what a night...
10th Lauter Festival
3 glorious days of mayhem and quiet contemplation by 25 bands on three different stages, this staple showcasing up- and coming artists is with us again.

Here’s the mega deal: It’s free! And in all three locations: Gessnerallee Stall 6: «Loud & Low» and same spot but in the North Wing: Live electronics and a party until dawn. And thirdly, in our corner and for two days, el Lokal presents a crop of newcomers in “Loud & Low” as well. The bands represent an eclectic mix of overseas and local talent. But without the help and courage of club owners and sponsors plus great organizational talent, this not-to-miss event would not be possible.

19.15  Mockingbird from Zurich (Pop folk)
Two voices, two guitars, one violin, this band plays folky pop covers and original compositions. The two voices are in perfect harmony with a driving rhythm guitar and an e-guitar that magically enters the realm of spherical orchestrations. Four birds of the same feather, Mockingbird will make your heart sing and your mind fly like an eagle.

20.00  Generation Wasteland
A highly energetic band from Zurich anchored in the genres of classic rock and pop punk with an emphasis on reviving the sounds and emotions of Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, Green Day and Muse a.o., all going down right in front of you. So please check your cool at the door and have a retro blast.

20.45  Surprise Act – and we mean it… 


The 2018 edition of the Lauter Festival, live at El Lokal. Take a peek into the future. Now.

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