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Celebrate 10 years Lauter Festival
Saturday, 05.05.2018, 19:19
oh what a night...
10th Lauter Festival
3 glorious days of mayhem and quiet contemplation by 25 bands on three different stages, this staple showcasing up- and coming artists is with us again.

Here’s the mega deal: It’s free! And in all three locations: Gessnerallee Stall 6: «Loud & Low» and same spot but in the North Wing: Live electronics and a party until dawn. And thirdly, in our corner and for two days, el Lokal presents a crop of newcomers in “Loud & Low” as well. The bands represent an eclectic mix of overseas and local talent. But without the help and courage of club owners and sponsors plus great organizational talent, this not-to-miss event would not be possible.

The line-up at El Lokal for Saturday, May 5th:

19.00  Dissonance Collector from Zurich (Rock)
The quartet (three guys and a girl) have been around since 2017 and it finds its own kind of polyphonic harmony in a sea of dissonance and different styles, resulting in surprisingly balanced resolutions. What’s pumping through their veins is what’s driving this talented group.

20.00  Melissa Kassab from Geneva (Beach folk)
Melissa Kassab appeared on the European music scene with her delicate and haunted folk. Originally from the mountains of Valais, she grew up between Geneva and Tripoli to Swiss and Lebanese Parents. She writes her songs while on the road, either hitchhiking or living in her car in Switzerland, New Zealand or the States. Her debut album «Dog» was spontaneously recorded over the course of two days in the basement of a rocket factory in Geneva. After another year touring and traveling here and there, Melissa returned to Switzerland to compile her forthcoming record set to release on March 17th 2017. Not knowing or planning wheres, whens and hows is the way she goes and seems to want to keep going for now.

21.00  Wendelbo from Zurich (Pop Rock)
Strange name isn’t it? Behind it are the brothers Nico and Leon Sorensen. Ironically, they’ve got the same name as a stylish, high-end seating furniture store. Ironically because they’re not going to let you sit down.

22.15  Puma Blue from the UK (Dream jazz) 
Puma Blue is the alias of South Londoner Jacob Allen, who has been delicately honing his purposefully paradoxical sound, blending downtown jazz sax lines with J Dilla grooves and a heart-wrenching vocal akin to Jeff Buckley, Chet Baker and Billie Holliday. This blend is completed by Allen’s punk-inspired grit and the ferocity of his live performances, backed by a four-piece band, spewing out tortured love songs and sensual rhythms topped by his haunting falsetto vocals.

23.00  The Fool’s Truth from Zurich (Psychedelic)
They’re a funk band which got into its first gyrating moves in hip (yep) Zurich-Altstetten. This tight quartet beguiles with their own take on funk, it impresses with cool grooves and it’s  propelled by Joel’s charismatic voice. At the Band-it finale in August 2017 the jury could not refuse them first place. George Clinton, eat your heart out. Bootsy Collins too.

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