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She loves him, he loves her, you’ll love them.
Saturday, 28.04.2018, 20:20
oh what a night...
Stella Glitter Trio + Guests
+ MoLeBruit
When Stella met Mo in the Jura mountains it was love at first sound.

Stella: I met MoLeBruit in the fall of 2017 deep in the Jura.  Like myself, he’s been rocking it for decades but with a darker and more ambivalent style (Note: Le Bruit translates as The Noise). Mo reignited my belief in my talent as a rock’n’roll entertainer and offered our trio to join him on a tour crisscrossing  Europe. Quelle chance! and it had to happen stepping ausserhalb of Zurich… I should add that my life clock without mercy shows it’s five after twelve if not later (Note: Stella, you’re toast).

Backtracking to last year, a memorable live recording November 26 at El Lokal was subsequently made permanent. The title of that now available album is «Ausserhalb» (Outside) and as it is always the case with my goods, the disc simply aims to wake up the dead. Many thanks to the crew at this chill live music venue which made it all possible and turned the gig into a splendid affair. Together, we rocked that casbah plenty with frenetic feedback from a thrilling audience. Thanks also to Tosho Yakkatokuo on drums and vocals and Moni Schori on bass completing my trio plus the fulminant support of guests like Heinz Rohrer on guitar; A.C. Kupper on guitar as well; Lidija Markovic on theremin and Lukas Langenegger on guitar and vocals.   

Bi-lingual, monosyllabic, monotonous and stepping heavy on the ambient, my soul bro Mo is also slated to perform tonight for the album’s unveiling. After his «Hyper Triste» extensive European tour I’m especially happy to announce that his show is the only show in the German speaking part of CH. It’ll be an affair propelled by good and evil when Mo Bro Very Sad meets Rebel Rebel Queer Sis Stella. Same place, same vibes, but very possible heavier on the spectacle. It’s your own possibilite de prendre la fuite.


Stella Glitter Trio & MoLeBruit, live at El Lokal. (Note: She loves him, he loves her, you’ll love them.)


el Lokal