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Touchingly honest
Saturday, 17.03.2018, 20:20
oh what a night...
Sophie Louise
+ Konfi Tensmann
Translated from her website, Sophie Louise sings how she feels, says what she thinks, knows what she’s got and shows what she can do. 24 years old, this singer from Zurich with the clear voice sings her words from life.

Shaped by the music of the 60’s, her compositions are accompanied by her jazz band. What at first listen seems like a lot of information is reduced to the essentials by this musician. What’s left is music that moves you with real emotion and honest texts.

Sophie’s world is at once sad, lovely and sweet, serious and thoughtful and always touchingly honest. Her musical odyssey has her spend nights over the roofs of Paris, looking into the minds of the dead or taking care of a bunch of monkeys.

Tonight and live, Sophie Louise, she of the steel fist inside the velvet glove, will be introducing her new EP «Now I can Never go home anymore», featuring the single «Flower Girl». C’mon Sophie, you’ll always have a home here at El Lokal (emotional and honest, essential and monkeyproof).  

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