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The Authentic Country & Rockabilly Experience of Switzerland!
Saturday, 16.12.2017, 20:20
Admission: 15.–
10 Years The Black Barons + Les Singes
Like paragon, like pupil. Like father, like son.

It all started with founder Florian C. Roth lying flat in motel room on Route 66 when the Johnny Cash flick «Walk The Line» was showing on the television. What followed was like an epiphany (the manifestation of God to a mere mortal). The day you stop looking back is the day you move on and Florian got his move on but not before he immersed himself deep into classic American country and its icons of the 50’s, especially Johnny Cash, with a nod to Carl Perkins.

Back home at the ranch in more alpine territory, The Black Barons quartet saddled up and started a ride and are still riding high to this day. In fact, they’ll be celebrating their 10th anniversary on our urban country music stage tonight. Over the years they broadened their repertory and appeal considerably by venturing into contemporary rockabilly, Americana and pop. Of course, you still get the immortal classics «Folsom Prison Blues», «Ghost Riders in the Sky» and «Ring of Fire». But interspersed in their program and wiping off some dust, you’ll also get introduced to some of their own compositions, «Girl in the Night», «When You’re Young», «Golden Age», «Blueberry Bush» and «Rolling Skies», the title of their first album from 2013. Their highspirited line-up features Florian C. Roth (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Max Kaemmerling (back-up vocals, electric guitar), Julian Szenogrady (drums) and Grady Lee (bass). Also on with them are a father and son in their rhythm section. SRF 3, that’s a Swiss Tv channel, voted them one the best indie bands of 2013. Shitkickers and yahoos of Switzerland unite and rejoice. Country music is still your fathers music, but it’s also your sons.

The Black Barons, live tonight at el Lokal (We’ve been around so long, fathers are coming with their sons). 

el Lokal