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Maria, we love you!
Saturday, 13.01.2018, 20:20
oh what a night...
Maria Doyle Kennedy & Kieran Kennedy
Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, they don’t.

Hello, Maria Doyle Kennedy and husband Kieran are back and ringing in the international part of our musical year and for the umpteenth time. In the only appropriate style possible – hers. Which puts us in a bit of a pickle because so much has been said and written about this artist over the years already.

Arghhh, let’s see, the petite, beautiful Irish nightingale with the regal appearance and a voice as pure as the waters of a Gaelic loch (uh-huh) is one of her country’s most prolific entertainers. In fact, she’s been named one of its cultural treasures. She describes herself as “mother, singer, actor”, in that order. Maria’s named one of her sons Jesse James and for the cineastes and couch potatoes, you can follow her scene stealing acting career in films and television elsewhere. «I do not miss acting when I’m not doing it but I would not spend a day without singing». Yet she still found time to write and direct her first film, the short «A Different Kind Of Day».

It’s your luck it’s the singer-songwriter part of her iridescent personality that’s on with her music tonight. Hopefully her ninth and very new self-titled album will be the focus. Released by her own indie label, Mermaid Records, the heart-rending title song «Color Code/ These Streets Are Always Blue» will ring your alarm bell.  Performed in her crystalclear voice and its startling emotional range, it’ll leave no doubt where this sensitive artist’s heart is at. It’s the masterpiece of the album and the song is about the anguish of the mother who sees her kid off  having to go out and face the mean streets. «Pride» is about marriage equality and «Little Bee» will give you a nice buzzy and there’s also «Song For The Gone». Performed in a style that moves freely between folk, alt-folk, rock and blues. It’s music that grooves and moves and lights a flame in you, fanned by her exquisite and honest songwriting.

Maria Doyle Kennedy and hubby, live at El Lokal. The luck of the Irish is with you tonight, geallaimid (gaelic for “we promise”).

el Lokal