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lone wolves
Sunday, 10.12.2017, 20:20
Admission: 25.–
Kristofer Aström
+ Rasmus Kellerman
This show has been cancelled.
Both are exceptional musicians with a history of leading their own bands. And both in their lone wolf appearances, and short of bellowing to the moon, have turned the alt side of their personalities and tendency for melancholia and introspection into art.

KRISTOFER ASTROEM became known first in 1994 as leader of the hard rock band Fireside. The band was signed by American Recordings and released their hit «Kilotin» which featured the track «Happy Porno Living». That album was instrumental in setting the stage for the subsequent hype and success of Swedish rock. Like fire and water and parallel to his wild side, Kristofer kept a much softer approach to music alive with «Kristofer Astroem and Hidden Truck» featuring the solo love song «How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me» which shines with rousing piano play and blue vocals. He’s received a Grammi for Pop/Rock of the Year.

, also known as Araki, and similar to Kristofer, led his own group, the indie rock Tiger Lou, named after a character in Corey Yuen’s 1993 movie «Fong Sai-Yuk». His first solo album was «Partial Print» his newest has the noble title «The Wound Dresser» and was recorded after a five-year silence. Almost all instruments and vocal parts are by Rasmus, a trend that began in his four previous albums and in several EP’s. It’s a darkish, melodious, sometimes ironic and altogether compelling work. Rasmus is married to and collaborates with Andrea Kellermann, better known as Firefox AK. In 2004, Tiger Lou was nominated «Newcomer of the Year» at the Swedish Alternative Music Awards and a Grammi for best video.

A dreamy night under the soft light of the melancholic moon is upon us. Live at el Lokal (Central  to the moon). 

el Lokal