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Monday, 04.12.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
Jake La Botz
«My mother says there’s a devil in my throat. My mother says there’s a demon in my guitar»
(From his 2015 song «There’s a Devil in My Throat»).

Bluesman and pretty boy Jake La Botz has damn near done it all. Including scaring his mother. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he did everything to turn his early life into beautiful mess. High school drop-out, occasional druggie and dipsomaniac and making a living as a factory worker, roofer, boiler maker and obituary writer etc. etc. But early on also, the guitar became a steady companion, leading him all over the U.S. and into streets and juke joints of New Orleans, the Mississippi Delta and Chicago where he could get in touch with the music he wanted to play. In localities where he met up and picked up some chops with some of the last of the pre-war era blues greats. Gentlemen like David «Honeyboy» Edwards (who jammed with Robert Johnson), «Homesick» James and «Maxwell Street» Jimmy Davis resulting in blues and gospel traditions getting under his skin. Himself gaining some notoriety playing only in ink slinger joints in his 2006 «Tattoo Across America Tour». Playing and acting also played a part in his life, notably in Stallone’s «Rambo», Steve Buscemi’s «Animal Factory», playing a blues singing convict and performing two songs «This Ain’t The Way I Came Up» and «Lay Down The Bottle», and in Walter Salles adaptation of Kerouac’s «On The Road». On stage you could see him perform as «The Shape» in the musical «Ghost Brothers of Darkland County», written by John Mellencamp and Stephen King and musical direction by T-Bone Burnett.

«To be human is to be creative, to explore who we are. Seeing stories all around us unfolding, expressing that. I want to be open to the source,» wrote Jake.

Tattoo the date for the notorious Jake La Botz where you can see it so you won’t forget and catch him live at el Lokal. (Restaurant, Bar and hopping Music.) 

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