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Record-Showdown for all eternity
Sunday, 26.11.2017, 20:20
Admission: 20.–
Stella Glitter
(Mostly) unabridged and straight talk from Zurich’s uncrowned rock’n’roll queen.

«Stella Glitter RocknRoll represents the sum but not the conclusion of my keep on rockin’ personal and musical history which started with the punk rock band Ratz in 1978. For the show tonight I’ve selected diverse songs from the over 50-year history of rock’n’roll, songs that were instrumental in showing me my path. I translated them into German and dialect and perform them fresh from the mouth. Like strongly personal covers of Elvis, Chuck Berry, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Velvet Underground, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and many others. Similar in style but in my language with themes dealing with the main and lesser aspects of life in a witty and self-ironic rock’n’rolling manner. With a sharp eye for the sidelines and treacherous backwaters of life. The recurring topic in the center of my work is the queer-transgender-rebel-underdog existence. «Ich will dein Hund sein / I wanna be your Dog», «Seelnager / Soul Nagger», «Aufm wilden Pfad /On the wild Path», «Winterblues», «Taugenichts / Good-for-Nothing», «Gefesselt / Constrained» a.o. live, acoustic or electric. Nothing’s ever been recorded - until tonight. With the help of guests our live concert will be scored on vinyl and released whether you’ll ask for it or not. Support will come from my furious rhythm crew – Tosho Yakkatoku on drums and Moni Schori on bass – plus guest’s play, like clever guitar bits by Heinz Rohrer (Trio from Hell) and A.C.Kupper (Demolition Blues). Thanks to the agile El Lokal sound crew and their fine equipment for allowing us to get this down at the best rock’n’roll place in Zurich.» 

Thanks Stella Glitter.  If there was a crown for a rock’n’roll queen, you’d be the biggest jewel in it. 

el Lokal