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drifting, flowing, gliding, sidewinding, rushing and sparkling
Monday, 13.11.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Dead South
+ Devarrow
In the opening frames of their video for their hit album «In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company» you just might expect the faces of the spaghetti western meanies Jason Robards, Jack Elam, Lee Van Cleef, Franco Nero, Eli Wallach to show up at any sec.

Gone but not forgotten and brought back to life in the music, moods and words of the four-piece The Dead South. They’re hillbillies from Regina, Saskatchewan, land of «the swift flowing river», their music drifting, flowing, gliding, sidewinding, rushing and sparkling just like that famous water. Outfitted in a garb that would make an Amish blush like black suspender pants, white shirts and wide brimmed hats they give an impression that’s surely out of the world that you live in. Simply said, they’re a ton of dead serious fun. Just watch what your foot’s going to be doing all by itself.

Call them the ultimate folk band, relying on the acoustics of a fired-up banjo, a dominant finger-picking cello and gritty vocals that unite in soaring harmonies. Part blue grass, part classical and part rebel rock all mixed  into an authentic brew but modern blend just the same. They double up and add: «A lot of our inspiration comes from an old school feel but our sound is an amalgamation of the stuff we all like, and the punk influence is definitely there». Song wise, they croon about the usual mundane subjects like lovin’, cheatin’, killin’ and drinkin’. Getting their drift, 12 mio clicks and a nearly sold out European tour speak for itself.

Far from dead and very live at El Lokal, The Dead South and their «In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company». Don’t rush nuttin’, because before that happens you might still prefer an evening in their company.

Devarrow: From West to East in Canada, Devarrow, which stands for Graham Ereaux, is a rising star in the crowded milky way of indie alt-folk made in Canada. A singer-songwriter and guitarist who paints with a very fine brush, at once uplifting and dark melancholic yet avoiding the abyss. Graham turned an isolated upbringing in Moncton, New Brunswick into a half a decade of travelling and that experience subsequently into his first album, fittingly called «The Great Escape». Titles from it like «The Great Divide», «Heroin and Rain», «Modern Ark» and «The Kitchen Floor» could now be the intriguing forerunners for his brand-new latest album the title of which he just might reveal tonight.

el Lokal