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Chansons Brachial
Sunday, 12.11.2017, 20:20
Admission: 15.–
If you’ve never been to the brewery and restaurant U Fleku in the old city of Prague, you haven’t lived. It’s where tonight’s duo could’ve been composed right from heavy tobacco smoke and 1-liter stein’s.

It’s also rumored to have been the hangout of the world’s most famous pacifist, the good soldier Shwejk. Anyway, tonight, Tomas Vysusil on his pliant accordion and vocals with his partner Armando-Fernando on contra bass present witty and juicy Czech songs in the German vernacular. An earthy synopsis of their robust music and a description of their brachial stage presence roughly translates as follows: These two bon-vivants perform songs of biting humor with impressive energy, mostly commenting on our senseless and fucked-up existence but nevertheless until a few bright pearls tumble out of the shit. Their incomparable stage show includes a digital alarm clock that’s promptly overpowered by a thundering bassline. They’re both amiable guys with imposing physical presence and the full-bearded Tomas especially has lungs that produce a singing voice on high volume and is situated somewhere in the vicinity of both Ivan Rebroff and Tom Waits. The lyrics are utterly sensational and often resort to a level of surrealism that would have Salvador Dali applaud in his grave had he not been temporarily removed from it to prove his resurrection inside the body of a hopeful but ultimately disappointed descendant, was fake.

A very influential voice,, lauded the duo «We at vitaltransformer assign to Cylilov without fail the highest of ratings … and we sure hope that in their future performances  their juicy songs will still be forthcoming as usual - no matter what the influence of a few beers may play.»

They’ll make you sing, laugh, cry and dance. Because, for chrissake, where are you soldier Shwejk when the world needs you?         

el Lokal