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Bewitching southern Americana-noir
Monday, 30.10.2017, 20:20
oh what a night...
Micah P. Hinson
Can a hardcore, gun loving Texas redneck come up with some great music? Sorry, stupid question. But if some of his opinions make your hair stand straight up, his music will do something similar to your ears.

Looking at this slight-of-body Texas-based artist you’d think the guy just got out of teaching bible class. If it weren’t for his Buddy Holly glasses, omnipresent cigarette holder and what’s stuck in his earlobes. But once his snarly, gravelly voice ramps it up, his bewitching southern Americana-noir will lead you straight to heaven. Or hell, depending.

He’s going to be with us tonight to introduce his just released album «Micah P. Hinson presents The Holy Strangers». It’s storytelling with a strong cinematic drift and he subtitles it «A modern folk opera». It’s also a heady gothic tale about a wartime family from birth to love, marriage, children, to war and betrayal, from murder to suicide. In one toon, «The Lady From Abilene» he writes «Took the steps into the street and smelt the burning of horses through the smell of kerosene». In his own life, he’s been through hell and it’s our luck the joint didn’t keep him. But if anybody has earned the right to free speech it’s this talented, steely artist with the soul of the unflinching storyteller.

The album was painstakingly recorded over the span of two years using ancient reel to reel, analogue keyboards and old Tascam and Yamaha desks. His intricate guitar play is supported by strings and glides and slithers like a rattler through a dusty river bed. It’s his most accomplished work to date. 

Check out the strangely sordid world of Mica P. Hinson. You’ll live to tell about it.

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