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The Almost Naked Truth
Sunday, 29.10.2017, 20:20
Admission: 20.–
Polly's Garden
Take a walk on the wild side. Take a walk in the garden of earthly delights. Take a walk in Polly’s Garden.

Musically, these 3 ripe Swiss beauties owe a little here and there to the Andrew Sisters meeting the Pointer Sisters butt bumping the Dixie Chicks. Harmonious power voices, heavy duty energy and a menu that highlights a loving resurrection of American songbook marvels of the country, soul and blues variety. The three ladies, all from Zurich, are Caroline Rey, Patricia Szettele and Ruth Ferreira and they have paid their dues individually in musical adventures ranging from punk to country to opera to church choir to jazz and bossa nova.

When their minds and bodies met not long ago, things really started cooking. Their 2015 EP «Real Women» shot straight up the i-tunes country charts. And now get a hold of their hot new 2017 LP «The Almost Naked Truth», featuring 11 songs of their own composition. They’ve been around the block, their performances come with the recognition that it’s all in the hips, plus a heavy batting of false eyelashes and a generous shot of irony. With a sensuality they should bottle, the girls show their love for body hugging silk that threatens to rip while hot steam rises from their risqué bustiers to fog over windows and eye glasses. Over-the-top isn’t exactly foreign territory they fear to tread and their juicy anecdotes and social commentary tell the truth as they see it, thank you girls. They’re more than ably backed-up and fired on by Dani Bliss on guitar, Joe Schwach on blues guitar, Rainer Hagmann on violin and composer-arranger Geri Zumbrunn on bass.

It’s all going down by the riverside, down by the riverside, down by the waters of the girlie Mississihl before she turns to the welcoming bosom of big mama Limmat.   
el Lokal